About Me

Bula, I’m Shāfiya Mū! It’s nice to meet you.

I’m an Indian-iTaukei, Muslim-Buddhist, Queer, Trans Nonbinary, neurodivergent human that absolutely adores books of all sorts, especially #OwnVoices Queer and Asian literatures.

I created The Djinn Reader to be a semi-professional portfolio of my writings for submission to M.A. and M.F.A. programmes that I’ll be applying to in the coming year or so. Additionally, I wanted a fun space dedicated entirely to my journey with experiencing diversity in fiction, particularly works that mean a lot to me and my identity as a Queer, Asian human. While occasional reviews by non-diverse authors may be published, it shall be rather infrequent in nature as the inherent goal of The Djinn Reader is to uplift marginalised voices first and foremost.

In addition to The Djinn Reader, I also run a modest, corresponding Bookstagram under the same title. It mostly shares life updates, miniature reviews, and musings on current reads.

Aside from being a student, an aspiring author, and a voracious bibliophile, I also love kitty-cats, masala chai and Fijian mithai, video games and anime, and spreading kindness in the world.